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 2012 Executive Boards



1.       To support the continuing professional betterment through the dedication and loyalty by sharing to the PICE-KSA Riyadh Region members, newly found engineering information and advancement through experience, readings, lectures/seminars and researches.

2.       To establish and maintain a fraternal support system within the general membership by:

o        Pooling resources and giving a helping hand for members who are looking for new job opportunities within or outside the Kingdom.

o        Conducting review classes for under-board civil engineers in order to avail of the licensure examination within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

o        Providing assistance to PICE-KSA Riyadh Region members in dire needs, charitable institutions in cases of national calamities in our country, and compatriots in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

o        Implementing programs for the reintegration of the PICE-KSA Riyadh Region members into the Philippine Society.

3.       To facilitate an information networking among the PICE-KSA Riyadh Region members by means of media, internet, or other means of communications.

4.       To foster a spirit of pride, responsibility and camaraderie in the civil engineering profession.